Choose dentures for smile reconstruction and for replacing missing teeth

Patients who experience partial or complete tooth loss may find that not only is their self-confidence lost, but the ability to eat and speak properly may also be affected. At Total Health Dental, we help patients learn more about the artificial teeth types and the methods of replacement available to them. Our team is pleased to offer many solutions for our patients, including partial, implant-retained, and complete dentures.

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What types of dentures are available?

Dr. Khaja Mohsinuddin of Total Health Dental in Aurora, Illinois, is a restorative dentist who can talk to patients about their many options for replacing one or more teeth in the smile. Dentures have been around for many years and often get a bad rap. We often think of our grandparents’ full dentures that looked fake and never stayed in place. Dentures have come a long way over the years, and now patients have several different choices of natural-looking solutions.

Types of dentures:

  • Partial dentures – partial dentures replace one or several teeth within the dental arch. They use a metal framework that allows them to snap in place using the remaining teeth for support. False teeth slide into place where they are needed, completing the appearance and the function of the smile for eating, speaking, and smiling.
  • Full dentures – traditional complete dentures are made of high-quality acrylic and include both false gums and teeth. They are held within the smile using natural suction or denture adhesives.
  • Implant-retained dentures – alternatively, patients may find that using dental implants along the dental arch can anchor a denture in place, eliminating the need for denture adhesives. And ensuring patients can enjoy all their favorite foods without worrying about their dentures. Implant-retained dentures are incredibly popular and provide patients with improved confidence in not only their smile but their dentures!

How do I learn more about tooth replacement options?

Replacing missing teeth with dentures is a standard solution for many of our patients. If you reside in the area of Aurora, Illinois, and are interested in finding out if dentures are right for you, call us at (630) 822-9600.

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Dr. Khaja Mohsinuddin earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the New York University College of Dentistry.
His goal is to provide total patient satisfaction by surpassing patient expectations. He is motivated by the thought of gifting someone a beautiful smile and teaching people about the importance of a healthy mouth. He focuses on being gentle with patients to enable pain-free dentistry. His aim is to help patients make informed decisions regarding their oral and overall health with the knowledge he provides them.
Dr. Khaja is a member of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health, American Dental Association, Illinois State Dental Association, Chicago Dental Society, Chicago Muslim Dental Society (founder and past president), and a member of the Oswego Chamber of Commerce.