Experience Jaw Pain Relief with TMJ Treatment at Total Health Dental

At Total Health Dental, Dr. Khaja Mohsinuddin and his experienced team of providers in the Aurora, Illinois area provide the best care and customer service. Additionally, they proudly offer a wide range of services for new and existing patients who visit their practice, conveniently within reach of surrounding communities of Naperville, Oswego, Plainfield, Montgomery, and North Aurora, Illinois. One condition that affects many patients is TMD, sometimes referred to as TMJ. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. This joint is in the jaw and hinges the upper and lower part to open and close to speak and eat. The jaw and the surrounding muscles become dysfunctional for some patients, causing pain and discomfort. With appropriate TMD therapy, patients can experience jaw pain relief.

Man suffering from jaw pain

What are the signs of TMD?

The most common signs that this condition is present include:

  • Pain/discomfort around the jaw joint
  • Popping and cracking of the joint when opening and closing
  • Locking of the jaw in the open or closed position
  • Coexisting conditions such as bruxism (clenching and grinding)
  • Pain that radiates up to the ears and down through the neck and shoulders
  • Chronic tension headaches

What are some treatment options for TMD?

Once a patient has received a proper diagnosis of their condition, they must work with our team of professionals at Total Health Dental to achieve results. There are many different types of treatment for patients who are experiencing TMD symptoms. TMJ therapy may include muscle relaxers, oral appliances, or orthodontic work to realign the jaw. Our team evaluates a patient to determine if they are dealing with this condition and then works with an individual to help them find the right solution for their unique needs. There is no “one size fits all” solution for this condition, so trying various treatment options is recommended in many instances.

Are you struggling with TMD?

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