Emergency Dentistry and Emergencies Handled At Total Health Dental

While dental emergencies have the risk of catching you completely off-guard, they should never be ignored. It can increase the risk of permanent damage to the smile and expensive dental services down the road. If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Aurora, Illinois, our team at Total Health Dental encourages you to call right away to obtain a same-day appointment when possible, for emergency dental care.

Emergency Dentistry

What are some common examples of dental emergencies?

Below are a few of the more commonly noticed dental emergencies handled at Total Health Dental in Aurora, Illinois, with Dr. Khaja Mohsinuddin:

  • Knocked-out teeth. Not only can a knocked-out tooth be quite painful, but it also needs immediate attention if patients want to increase the chance of reattaching the tooth. Stop the bleeding, maintain the tooth by holding it by the crown and rinsing it with water. Reinsert the tooth into the hole left behind if possible or store it in a small container of milk and visit the dentist within one hour of the incident.
  • Broken/chipped teeth. Chipped or cracked teeth can usually be repaired with the help of a dentist. If the chipped fragment is still available, save it and bring it to the dental office. You can stop the bleeding with gauze until the dentist can assist the patient and repair the issue at hand.
  • Dental bleeding. After an injury to the mouth or face, patients can either visit our emergency dental team or the local emergency room for assistance if bleeding persists. Even if the bleeding gets under control, the underlying issue will need to be addressed with the help of a dental professional.
  • Broken wires or brackets of orthodontia. If a wire breaks or sticks out and causes discomfort, it is essential to call an emergency dentist for assistance to have the braces readjusted and replaced to restore their function. Avoid trying to cut the wire or reinsert it on your own, as you can cause further damage or even injury to yourself. A dental professional needs to manage situations such as this.

What do I do if I’m experiencing a dental emergency and require urgent dental treatments?

Dental emergencies need to be addressed by a dentist. Patients of the Aurora, Illinois area who require an emergency dentist can call (630) 822-9600 to request a same-day appointment with Dr. Khaja Mohsinuddin and his team at Total Health Dental. We are here for new and returning patients.